Online registration and re-registration in the Trade Register (e-signature)
Preparation of project- documentation as per the LPA (Law on Public Assignements ), PSPA (Provision on small public assignements) and consultations in connection with preparation and conducting of procedures for public assignements, as well as participation in commitees as a consultant;
Consultations and trial representation in divorce cases, support cases, including preparation of pre-naptual agreements, claims, opinions, affidavits and others according to the Family Code;
Mediation as mediator in non-judical dispute settlements (mediation)
Mediation in real-estate sales or renting, including negotiations;
Legal service subscribtion for trade companies, judical entities with non-economic purpose, coordination of sole traders;
Representation and trial defence, including legal support for preparation and dispute/trial conduction;
Preparation of project-deeds and consultation in connection with all kinds of real-estate deals;
Preparation of preliminary and final civil contracts;
Establishment, all kinds of changes, including acquisition, merger, division, separation and termination of companies, ventures, foundations, co-operations, civil companies, sole trader companies, as well as registration of entries, BULSTAT, National Insurance Institute and at revenue authorities;
Preparation and registration of settlements of future claims and present trials and mortgades;
Preparation of legal analyses, participation in negotiations, preparation, contracting and conducting deals;

Nikolina Despotova-Attorney at Law offers professional legal service and advise for the following:

Civil Law and Procedure
Family and Inheritance Law
Real Estate Deals
Administrative Law and Procedure
Obligation Law
Property Law
Criminal Law and Procedure
Trade Law

The Lawyer's fee is determined by negotiation with the client, in which case the amount is according to the Requirements of Provision No 1 of the Higher Lawyers Counsil.

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